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Martin Luther King, Jr. Figure 1. Source: Απώλεια βάρους moncton nb M. Psychology functionsas a discipline within the context of humansociety. Trust, andthe fidelity of the therapeutic relationship, oftendepends on the client knowing that her or απώλεια βάρους moncton nb are safe with the practitioner: that theyare not the subject of gossip or otherwise madepublic.

What, to whom and in what form informationabout the client should be transmitted ina matter for debate. Confidentiality and the lawis a highly complex and thorny issue. All practicingpsychologists are advised by their Professionalbodies to be aware of the specific legal andethical context of their work and the general legalrequirements concerning giving and withholdinginformation and to seek professional support andguidance as necessary.

It does not ensure the principle ofnon-maleficence. If total confidentiality is an impossibility,the question is where to draw ethicalboundaries that both protect the client and facilitatepractice.

Because psychologistsmay be employed in more than one role, ormay offer more than one service, they are often χάνουν 5 γυναίκες σωματικού λίπους of role conflict within a relationship.

If more than one line can be drawn between theroles of the psychologist and those of the client,a dual relationship will result. In therapythe reasons include avoidance of exploitation ofthe imbalance of power between therapist and cli-Figure 1. Source: Braud, W. TranspersonalResearch Methods for the Social Sciences.

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